I like Barbie's!

Ok I admit I *do* like Barbie’s, but I think I should point out I’m not talking about the diminutive and anatomically challenged variety… more the food and drink oriented type. 🙂 Back at the Ice Rink yesterday we met up with some friends who invited us over for a couple of hours R&R for … More I like Barbie's!

The Aftermath.

Had a bit of an upset night when the effects of such a major change in my diet came back to bite me. At around 1:30 a.m. my digestive system finally rebelled and indulged in some reverse peristalsis. After two sessions calling Hughie I finally crawled into bed and collapsed until the dog woke me … More The Aftermath.

A trifle is no trifle!

Italian sponge fingers… a half pound of locally made strawberry jam… a quarter of a pint of Armagnac  and Muscat… a pint or two of raspberry jelly (couldn’t be bothered with flavouring my own gelatine)… a pint of custard courtesy of Bird’s… a pint of double cream and some caster sugar… a dozen halved maraschino … More A trifle is no trifle!

Best wishes Phantom!!

The Phantom has come down with the lurgy. This seems to be a virus slowly spreading around the world since it’s affecting us here as well. Colds, flu and the like are all international illnesses now and what hits one country hits all others within days or weeks. Our infections weren’t helped by the grand-daughter … More Best wishes Phantom!!