The saga continues.

Life in this house, as I have pointed out on many occasions, is fraught with random chaotic intrusions into what should be an orderly balanced existence. Yesterday was a typical example. The day began well enough, yet swiftly deteriorated into chaos and confusion… as do a lot of my simple, easy to implement plans. I’ll … More The saga continues.

Oh my poor toe!!

From this day forward let no one question the existence of “The Jinx”!! This story is ridiculous… yet also painful so please bear in mind as you snigger, that I’m still feeling the effects. 🙂 To begin, the best place is usually the beginning. As some of you know both my kids are in the … More Oh my poor toe!!

Jinxed? Moi?

At the local Shell garage is a car wash. Now as is well known I’m really not the most energetic of people and some things are just too much effort. This being so, and the car being so big, I tend to take it to the car wash in preference to doing it myself. I’m … More Jinxed? Moi?

Homeward bound (1).

Moving away from the sadness of the last post, we come back to my ongoing struggle with reality. Almost literally moving from the sublime to the the ridiculous. We discovered in short order just how much of a problem the collapse of the car was to be. To begin with, our Chrysler Voyager is a … More Homeward bound (1).