Best wishes Phantom!!

The Phantom has come down with the lurgy. This seems to be a virus slowly spreading around the world since it’s affecting us here as well. Colds, flu and the like are all international illnesses now and what hits one country hits all others within days or weeks.

Our infections weren’t helped by the grand-daughter arriving with some similar affliction and sharing the wealth with all of us… especially the wife who is the last person we needed to have caught it.

I think the antibiotics have worked on her now and she looks (and sounds) a bit better but we were worried for a while she would be ill over Xmas. I’m still waiting to come down with it… watch this space Xmas Day for news of whether I got away with it 😀

So… best of luck Phannie… I hope you’re back on form for the big day. No doubt your table will be groaning with the weight of your magical cuisine. At the very least I hope you can taste it! 🙂

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