Railroaded again?

No sooner had the new State Premier of NSW emerge from the debacle of his predecessors ignominious departure, but he immediately put his foot back in it with his attitude towards the pet project of the voters of North West Sydney where, coincidentally, I happen to live. Some background might help here, not about the chaos … More Railroaded again?

The homecoming… !!!

In many ways the image belows identifies some of what I love about Australia. The picture shows the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, sharing the spotlight with the Leader of The Opposition welcoming home our champions from the Olympic Games. No partisan politics, no trying to score points off each other… just there on our behalf … More The homecoming… !!!

Bias at the Beeb?

Interesting story on the BBC News site about Cherie Blair who is writing her memoirs. She is refusing to resign as a judge even though there have been comments the memoirs are inappropriate for someone in her position. That argument is something I’m not really interested in actually, what I found remarkable was the way … More Bias at the Beeb?