Goodbye AO. :(

It’s sad to say this, but it’s time for the Australian Opinion forum to go the way of all obsolete sites. There is so much wrong with it, and so few people there, it’s really become an anachronism. I suppose if it had a distinct purpose, e.g. following a specific game or genre, it might … More Goodbye AO. 😦

Pouring… still

The worst weather Sydney has seen in ten or more years (since 1964 in some areas) has resulted in a widespread request from the government to stay indoors unless travel is absolutely necessary. Following on top of the Covid restrictions this isn;t such an onerous request as it might have been prior to the virus … More Pouring… still

Back to basics.

Ok, I admit I’ve not been exactly diligent in writing new posts. Partly because I got it into my head I need to add photos or something to make the page more ‘interesting’. Thing is nobody but myself and a few family will ever read any of it anyway so if it doesn’t really need … More Back to basics.