Roman Numerals

I was sitting around looking at a movie and got lost at the end trying to work out when the thing was made. I never really got the hang of those Roman numerals or how to work them out… so I went off in search of an answer. Well of course the web being the web there are hundreds of pages.

Regardless I ploughed on and wrote up this page because I’m damn sure that when I want one I’ll not be able to find one. At least if it’s on here I *know* where I can find it next time 🙂

So this is the basic info:

I This is the basic unit i.e. ‘1’ in the same way 1 + 1 = 2, I + I = II, or I + I + I = 3. Easy as eh?

Of course when you get past three it gets silly so we use the next numeral up which is… V. This equals 5. To add or subtract from ‘V’ you either place the numeral ‘I’ before the ‘V’ and to add… place it after. So… IV = 4 and VI = 6… also VII would be 7 if you felt so inclined.

X Moving on, the ‘X’ = 10. In the same vein as ‘V’, a numeral or two before or after adds or takes away from the X. So XVI = 16 and IX = 9.

L For some reason L = 50. To make 40 or less… put an X in front (i.e. XL = 40). To make more… well you know the deal now.

C Is 100. Following the rules outlined already, CCCLXIX = 369

D No idea why, but D = 500

M The last one… M = 1000

So… armed with that info… who wants to work out what 2007 is in Roman Numerals?? 😀

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