A trifle is no trifle!

Italian sponge fingers… a half pound of locally made strawberry jam… a quarter of a pint of Armagnac  and Muscat… a pint or two of raspberry jelly (couldn’t be bothered with flavouring my own gelatine)… a pint of custard courtesy of Bird’s… a pint of double cream and some caster sugar… a dozen halved maraschino cherries… and the result is something irresistible!!

So far I’ve had two *very* large helpings and expecting to have yet more before I’m done. Forget the turkey the rest of the meats… forget the salads and cheese board… forget the rest. I have a trifle and it’s not to be trifled with.

Happy Xmas?? I reckon if you’ve got a trifle… what more could you want?? 😀

2 thoughts on “A trifle is no trifle!

  1. the problem is that each glorious spoonful equals a kilo and hours of relentless exercise – oh what the hell – its xmas

  2. I’m not commenting on how much weight I’ve put on these past few days… but I think you’re right… I bet it’ll take a lot longer to shift than it took to put it on!!

    The trifle was around five litres or so and I must have eaten at least half of it… in the one afternoon. No wonder I was sick overnight! 😀

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