And so this is Xmas.

After the sojourn to the Ice Rink and saga of the internal squabbling described in the last post, and the fun of finding the pool being wrecked… we finally set out to finish off the shopping and buy ‘little’ stuff.

The first thing we bought was totally inessential… but something we both agreed we wanted. An eight foot inflatable snowman! As pointed out in a previous post our 5 year old one has developed tears and rips in the fabric and looks quite pathetic. This new one was almost $90 but looks to be a suitable replacement. I’m going to get it plugged in soon and have it up and running for the last few days of Xmas. Better late than never I suppose.

Today I’m off out for what I hope will be the last time this year. I’ll be buying the fresh food we need bringing home all the fruit, salads and vegetables for Xmas Day along with the turkey, ham and pork etc that will need cooking. On the way I’ll no doubt see all sorts of other goodies to add to the pile of unhealthy but delicious boxes of treats I’ve collected over the past few months.

This time I’m off on my own. Usually the wife comes with me but I think she’ll be too busy with the last minute packing of pressies and even doing the basic household stiff like washing clothes to be able to come.

Actually that’s quite sad that. I really appreciate these few minutes we have together, especially at this time of year when we’re overwhelmed with doing stuff for other people. Those few minutes alone, even shared with crowds in the supermarkets and shops, are treasured. I can never spend too much time with the wife. Usually just being in the same house as her is enough to keep me happy and contended even if she’s busy doing other things.

Still… it’s only one day and there *is* a lot that needs to be done and we are the only ones who can do most of this stuff so we may as well just *do* it. The kids are sitting around watching ‘Oliver on DVD… old as it is… so they are taken care of.

Before I go I’m going to get the snowman working… so on that note off I go!! 😀

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