My luvs fude me aye!

So I cooked the pork. I’d ordered a leg… but got a shoulder. Couldn’t complain because they closed for the holidays before I found out… yet again the fickle finger of fate pointed at me and laughed it’s socks off. Wiped it down with the lime and garlic infused olive oil, I poked lots of sliced garlic into the cross-hatched skin and away we went.

On a theme… when I picked the meat up I naturally collected the  turkey. You might remember that they rang me to let me know they couldn’t get the 12 kilo one I wanted so would two 6 kilo ones do instead. To recap… I said no thanks get me one 6 kilo one and I’ll get a frozen one to make up the difference if I needed the extra meat.

When I went to collect the thing… it was 12 kilos. I now have a ‘spare’ and rather expensive turkey sitting in the freezer awaiting it’s date with destiny that has now been put back some months at least. Hey… maybe we could eat it at Easter!! Please re-run the fickle finger of fate line.

The ham on the other hand was pretty good. skinned, cross-hatched and rubbed down with lime infused olive oil like the pork but speckled with the traditional  cloves and baked with a glaze made out of English mustard, honey and Demerara sugar. Simple but effective.

Because it’s going to be cold the only stuffings were sage and onion and sausagemeat, apple and onion. Again simple but effective. Add in some bread sauce and we’re done.

Well not quite done. I also made some corned beef for dinner today, and the wife made a *very* late Xmas cake yet managed to make almond paste *and* ice it today along with a chocolate log, and a coffe log!! The table is looking good. She’s pretty accomplished this woman… and am I glad she picked me to settle down with?? Too right 🙂

So… Xmas is almost here. Most of the food is ready to eat except for the salads and accompaniments which I’ll knock up fresh tomorrow… in my mind I’m already scarfing it down of course. Can’t wait.

Happy Xmas everyone… will be back as soon as. 😀

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