About Me?

This is a small update to the page originally created March 2006. It’s now Feb 2021 so some time has elapsed. Ok a lot of time, 15 years at least. It’s strange looking at the room behind me and realising we’ve moved house five times since then! Also, that you’d probably not recognise me. Currently I have a glasses, beard and hair down over my shoulders. Also I weigh 145 kilos… ouch. I was already 58 there, and I’ll be 74 this year. Hard to believe tbh, but time goes by so fast. Otherwise, I’m still Welsh Dog, still live around Sydney, still a house spouse, and still spend lots of time on my computer. Having said that, ‘smartphones’ and tablets are the latest IT fad and I spend loads of time on them as well… usually playing a *very* immersive game related to the Harry Potter books called “Wizards Unite”. I’m on level 64 and since I need over a million points to move levels, it should indicate just how much I play it.

So, to sum up… I love IT, books, animals and free beer, but not necessarily in that order. So despite all the bumf, I *could* just say “Whatever doesn’t change, stays the same”. πŸ™‚


I’m ‘Welsh Dog’ and I live here. Actually not so far off the truth, I *do* spend a lot of time here messing about so if you drop a comment in you’ll likely get a response pretty damn soon! If you accompany the comment with the offer of a free beer or three the response will be even faster!!

Welsh Dog in May 2008

I don’t seem to *do* much – not even shave, as you can tell – but spend my days as a ‘housespouse’ and watching my kids make the house messier by the minute because “Daddies on the computer again!”

They’ll get over it πŸ˜€

Now… who wants to make a comment about this??

2 thoughts on “About Me?

  1. you might want to check your coding here … when I clicked “about me” came straight into this dialogue box!

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