The Aftermath.

Had a bit of an upset night when the effects of such a major change in my diet came back to bite me. At around 1:30 a.m. my digestive system finally rebelled and indulged in some reverse peristalsis. After two sessions calling Hughie I finally crawled into bed and collapsed until the dog woke me a few hours later because her needed to get out of the house himself.

I spent the morning vacuuming and washing the floor in the kitchen, ‘lounge’ and rumpus rooms which made me feel a whole lot better. Before I made the effort the place was utterly disgusting. Now after cleaning it’s just a mess… a great improvement!!

We went swimming later on and then, feeling better. I overindulged yet *again* scarfing down loads of turkey, ham, pork and salads followed by a largish piece of the wife’s Xmas cake which was just about right. Even though it was moist, it was still a little dryer than I’d like. I’d like more fruit in it as well… but I can’t complain too much because I over cooked the last two I made and the birds ate a lot of them.

We still haven’t pulled a single cracker… and none of us have eaten any Xmas pudding!! We still have a Pavlova to eat and a masses of fruit to turn into a fruit salad. I was going to make a fruit punch as well but in the end decided I couldn’t be bothered. I might make it tomorrow if the weather stays warm.

Stays warm? We were told that Xmas Day 2007 was the coldest Xmas for many years… can’t recall how many years but it wasn’t warm at all (relatively)!!

Anyway. The tables are still groaning with the weight of the food… as are the people who have made valiant attempts to work through the mounds I bought. The kids presents are everywhere… as are the kids! Basically… as far as I can tell… a good time was had by all. And now… back to eating, drinking and having fun.

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