Vale Wendy Richards

We learned this morning of the death of Wendy Richards who finally succumbed to breast cancer after a long struggle, she was 65. Wendy was a favourite on the small screen for in Britain for many, many years both as a ‘blonde bombshell’  Miss Brahms in the classic series “Are You Being Served”, and as … More Vale Wendy Richards

Vale Tony Hart

Sad news that Tony Hart, a gentleman and an inspiration, has died aged 83. He’d retired a few years ago after suffering a couple of strokes, and the loss of his ability to draw accurately hit him very hard. He is probably best known for his TV show HartBeat and of course that little plasticine … More Vale Tony Hart

Hello… Ian?

Yes it’s that time again when an ancient pagan sacrificial ritual is again resurrected, morphed into a quasi-Christian ‘festival’… only to be morphed once more by children into an excuse to get free goodies!! Indeed… Halloween is once more upon us. As a ‘festival’ it means little in the UK outside the religious significance, as … More Hello… Ian?

Vale Paul Newman

Sad to hear of the death of Paul Newman who succumbed to cancer last night. Paul was 83 and apart from his roles as an actor was a recognised humanitarian and all round good guy. At last known figures, his foundation had given away $220 million – mostly earned in profits from sales of his … More Vale Paul Newman

One in four.

In a few weeks time it’s likely that the Indonesians found guilty of the 2002 bombing at Paddy’s Bar in Kuta, Bali will be executed. The ‘favoured’ method of execution in Indonesia is shooting. The condemned is taken at midnight to a deserted location where he (or she) is tied to a stake and blindfolded. … More One in four.

Potter Potted!

For reasons which seem to have more to do with greed than customer satisfaction Warner Brothers have determined it’s in their best interests to postpone the release of “Half Blood Prince”, the highly anticipated film of the sixth book in the Harry Potter series! Anyone who would like the film released on its original date … More Potter Potted!

A world gone mad.

Reports claim that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been paid $15,000,000 by Hello magazine to allow them ‘exclusive rights’ to the first pictures of their new babies. Really? I have pictures of my kids here I could sell Hello for a damn sight less than that. Tell yas what… if someone from Hello would … More A world gone mad.