The bride wore drag!!

SO… there we were drifting into our seats at the ‘all you can eat’ restaurant after a hot and tiring day walking in the mountains. Not least because it isn’t easy hiking with no soles on your boots… but I’ve covered that before and I digress.

There we are seated at the far end of the restaurant and find we’re within cooee of a wedding party made up of people of ‘islander’ extraction. They could have been Maori… but could equally have been Samoan, Tongan or Fijian… didn’t ask.

We were entertained by a loud preacher who exhorted the assembled masses to raise their souls to reach for the lord etc while blessing the married couple and praying for their future. There were songs, and speeches… the usual stuff… and we enjoyed it all. Good stuff. To round off their evening we were treated to a very loud and aggressive Haka which was much appreciated by all of us. πŸ˜€

That was pretty much it for the night, but the next morning to round it off… and to show the jinx curries favour with nobody and is happy to rub off where it can… we discovered a newspaper article that provided more information about what happened to the bridal party after we’d left them.

Seems the ‘happy couple’ left the reception to go home, get changed, and prepare for their honeymoon. They’d left in a large black Holden Caprice which was parked at front while we were still there. While they were snogging in the back of the hire car, the driver had arrived at a set of lights. As he waited there, a white Commodore pulled up alongside. For reasons as yet unclear, the Caprice driver decided to take off from the lights like a bullet and ‘street race’ the other car. They had reached 130 kph (in a 60 kph zone) before being pulled over by the police… and to their general humiliation, were then filmed being arrested!

Sadly I can’t find a way of embedding the video of the bride traipsing over to the police car in her wedding dress and climbing in, but I did find a still of them outside it.

Marriage is a dragAs sad as it was… and whilst it was obviously very embarrassing for the newly married couple… the rest of us thought it was highly amusing! πŸ˜€

Be warned… nobody messes with the jinx!! πŸ˜€

Oh yes… both cars were immediately confiscated by police. They got home only because the brides mother happened to be passing, saw them and stopped to give them a lift home!!

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