Down we go…

Billions again wiped off the financial markets. The biggest drop in total sharemarket value in decades. Financial ‘experts’ all round the world perplexed and unsure what’s going on. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s ‘Wall Street 1929’ all over again! It’s nearly time to stock the cupboards, lock the doors and pass the ammo!

Insanity in the UK.

The level of bizarre behaviour of institutions in the UK is getting out of hand. Soon they’ll be on a par with the lunatics in the USA. Current in the list of oddities is the case of two grandparents who were told that they were too old to look after their grandchildren… and were then … More Insanity in the UK.

So much for that

I must have fallen out of the habit of daily blogging suring the ‘enforced’ break over the holidays. Yesterday for example, the site hardly entered my thoughts except at the beginning of the day when I realised I had no time to cough let alone write. Yet despite having my little netbook at hand all … More So much for that

So close… yet… ?

Just for reference I thought I’d share a photo I sourced from The Australian newspaper showing just how close the fires were to Melbourne itself. You can see the burned out trees from the suburb of Kinglake and in the distance… near distance… the city itself.

Another hot one coming!

Temeratures hereabouts are set to become the highest for a couple of years according to the pundits. They aren’t being ‘exact’ though but suggest we can expect readings in excess of 40ºC this afternoon. Since yesterday afternoon (at 6:30 p.m.) the car thermometer showed 39ºC I think they might be a little off with their ‘records’. … More Another hot one coming!


Just dropping by to express my sympathy to John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston on the loss of their son Jett who died recently. I’d also like to express my condolences to the families of those children, numbering now almost 100, who have died as a result of the Israeli bombardment and subsequent invasion … More Sympathy