Mohamed al Fayed – a real reason for complaint?

You really have to ask yourself if there is something to the continuing complaints of Mohamed al Fayed (the owner of Harrod’s) that the ‘powers-that-be’ (including Secret Service, the Royal Family, and the police) in the UK are conducting a conspiracy intended to ruin him… in other words… people are out to get him… and have … More Mohamed al Fayed – a real reason for complaint?

Hello… Ian?

Yes it’s that time again when an ancient pagan sacrificial ritual is again resurrected, morphed into a quasi-Christian ‘festival’… only to be morphed once more by children into an excuse to get free goodies!! Indeed… Halloween is once more upon us. As a ‘festival’ it means little in the UK outside the religious significance, as … More Hello… Ian?

Yobs in Uniform

We’re all aware of just how violent life can be for members of the police force who put their lives on the line every day to protect us ordinary fold from the rough edges of society and those who would disrupt the fragile structure of civilisation. The responsibilities of the job require that they are … More Yobs in Uniform

Vale Beryl Cook

Sad news today about the passing of the highly regarded yet still under rated artist Beryl Cook who died qietly last night aged 81. Beryl’s pictures had a quite unmistakeable style featuring ‘fat ladies’ and otherwise ’rounded’ characters which brought to life many a social gathering. She didn’t really do much painting before the age … More Vale Beryl Cook