Yobs in Uniform

We’re all aware of just how violent life can be for members of the police force who put their lives on the line every day to protect us ordinary fold from the rough edges of society and those who would disrupt the fragile structure of civilisation. The responsibilities of the job require that they are given great powers of detention in order that they can cary out their duties effectively.

However, these powers must be used with great caution, excessive use by individuals can and does reflect on the entire police force. If control is relaxed, gross injustices can be carried out. One such appears to have been inflicted on an innocent man in the UK a few days ago.

David MarkhamDavid Markham (35) was effectively beaten up by police despite having done nothing and despite offering no resistance when he was questioned outside his home. In what seems to have been a clear case of mistaken identity he was kicked to the ground, kicked again repeatedly and punched several times. The result was damaged eyesight, and cuts bruising to his face.

The officers are being ‘investigated’ by Warwickshire Police Authority who say “Future deployments for the officers concerned are being considered”. I can imagine why!!

This is nothing new of course, as far back as 25 years ago I witnessed police rough treatment of a police suspect.

One night a young guy all bar had his ankle broken as he was dragged from the taxi I was driving. His foot had become trapped under the seat and because the policeman refused to let him sit up to adjust his position, he couldn’t release it. Despite my shouting, and the guy’s screaming and struggling he was repeatedly punched by the officer who must have thought he was ‘resisting’. Eventually his foot came free and, his ankle streaming with blood, he was dragged into the police station. I was so disgusted I waited for him to be released and some hours later let him know I would turn up in court if he needed support but he declined. Having been ‘let off with a caution’ he didn’t want to cause himself further problems. His crime by the way was to shout some rude name at the policeman and run away.

For more on David Marham’s ordeal, look at this story in the Daily Mail.

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