Strictly Magic – yet another site!

One of the reasons I’ve not been very active in here for the last couple of days is that apart from Xmas coming and having the kids home, I’ve been getting on with creating a new forum site aimed at supporting ‘carers’, i.e. those largely unsung heroes who spend their lives caring for a member of their family who is unable to care for themselves.

It’s a UK domain, but there’ll be no restriction on who joins or what information is loaded in! 🙂

The site is built around the phpBB forum software and I’m going to be installing a portal system called MX-Publisher which seems ideal for the purpose.

So far development is still in its infancy, but we already have on board one of the developers of the ‘portal software’ which can only speed things up! The potential for ‘expansion’ is limited only by the willingness of people to participate and upload content but I think it’ll be something I at least can really sink my teeth into!

Initially I suppose the focus would be on those caring for those with Alzheimer’s Disease because they are receiving the larger portion of publicity… but of course there are *[b]many[/b]* other forms of dementia to consider, let alone those other disabling conditions that can lead to social isolation for those who look after them.

I’m hoping the forum area will eventually grown into a place where ‘carers’ can come for mutual support, advice, and act as a source of the more ‘informal’ information that the mainstream sites don’t really cater for… like how to deal with intransigent social services or, conversely, over eager friends and neighbours! 🙂

Like I said the place is in it’s early stages but if you fancy a quick peek you’ll find it at Strictly Magic: Caring for carers! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Strictly Magic – yet another site!

  1. Hi fella.

    The original message now has over 2000 posts which is staggering. There is a hardcore of people keeping it at the top of the front page by “bumping it” but it is remarkable however you look at it.

    And of course now the genie is out of the bottle ………

    I think Strictly Magic is lovely idea!

    Well done mate!!

  2. We can but try. It may fall by the wayside like so many other sites do… but at least the effort has been made. 🙂

    That thread is just huge – and now they are discussing *streaking* on the show to draw attention to it! 🙂

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