They *cannot* be serious?

Seems the UK media have been whooping it up because their athletes have won more medals at the Olympics than the Australians. The Sun (see the link) have a headline reading “Brittania Rules the Games”!

Basically a country with a population of 62 million is crowing because they are beating one with a population one third their size?? If this is all they have to crow about they are in a sad, bad way.

To put it into perspective, Michael Phelps has *alone* won nearly as many Gold medals as the entire might of the UK Olympic team so far! Ok the Olympics are about competing not about winning… however… if they want to draw attention to themselves I think boasting they are beating countries smaller than themselves isn’t a particularly intelligent way to do it, especially when one man has won almost as many as their entire team!!

Now… if they were beating the USA or China… well that’d be another issue altogether! Actually, if I was them, I’d be a bit embarrassed the media is drawing any attention to it at all!

In the meantime the Aussies continue to rack up medals… and are back to third in the medal tally… not that anyone’s counting of course!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “They *cannot* be serious?

  1. oh good grief…

    Firstly Michael Phelps is a freak (even he admits it). The is able to push twice the amount of blood around his system than most ‘normal’ people making him able to eat over 12’000 calories a day and train much more than most athletes – apparently over 100’000 metres a month!!!. Apparently he doesn’t produce any lactic acid in his muscles making him able to push his body further. Without doubt he has trained and sacrificed etc..etc.. but biologically he has a huge advantage.

    Then we have the Uk v Oz issue – lets not forget that histrically per person the £/$ amount of support recieved has been almost six times more in Australia than they get in the UK, plus the facilities in Oz far exceed those in the UK. THe Gov’t finally spent some money and would you believe it we have some results, bearing in mind the lack of support these athletes have got from the UK Gov’t they have excelled themselves.!

    Your’s just sore as your used to Oz winning because of the level of £ they normally get.

    Your just a sourpuss.!


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