3 thoughts on “Wow! British cycling comeback!

  1. Your view of these championships seems to be slightly warped. The UK went in favourites as they had dominated at the Worlds last year..?

    BTW – Why are the Ozzies so bad this year..?

  2. No idea. Maybe because other people we so much better this year? 🙂

    No team can be constantly at their peak. Sadly for Oz this just wasn’t their year.

  3. I have heard an enormous amount of tosh about cycling being an easy medal in the press and on the radio here which is driving me witless!!

    I can only assume those people have no conception whatever of the sacrifice, dedication, and brutal physical training regimes the men and women’s team subject themselves to.

    I was listening to Dave Brailsford on the radio a couple of days ago saying that the ket to the success of the team this games is that instead of trying to identify the one thing they wern’t doing and improving it by 100%, they identifed 100 things they could improve by 1%.

    The consequence is that they’ve looked at literally everything from diet, to the technology of racing suits, the bikes themselves which they’ve designed with help from British Aerospace, their mental approach, their sleep patterns, their relaxation techniques and inevitably the continued funding they’ve received through the lottery has enabled them to do that.

    I’ve been in awe of Hoy and Pendleton but the really great thing was seeing the younger riders like Kenny and Burke doing so well.

    Happy days and I’ve been glued to it!!!!

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