Thatcher's Britain revisited.

So Carole Thatcher has written a book explaining her mother has slowly been developing dementia and has been forgetting the things she did whilst in power as PM of the UK.

While that’s sad for her, it’s far worse for those us who remember more clearly what she did and the effect it had on some of us.

The ‘some’ included those of us unfortunate enough to be living in the lower reaches of society and forced down further, whilst those in the upper reaches were pampered and effectively bribed to support her and her cronies.

In addition, those traitorous ‘social-democrats’ who, unable to impose their version of ‘socialism’ on the UK used their powerbase to split the opposition parties with the result there was no viable alternative to the Conservatives giving them free rein to wreck the economy and set the scene for the greatest widening of the gap between the have’s and have-not’s since the turn of the century

It wasn’t until the demise of the failed experiment of the social democrats and their absorbtion back into the folds of the two major parties that any hope of repairing the damage could be generated by the return to power of the Labour Party victorious at last.

Yet this ‘New Labour’ wasn’t the party of the people as it had once been. Frightened by their loss of power and desperate to cling to power they shed most of their socialist principles and became a wishy washy pink version of the centre right unable to make decisions to benefit the mass of people and passed repressive legislation to mollify the centre right of politics, terrified they’d become the party who lost control of law and order and get turfed out of power.

We all know what’s happened since then. The UK has become so similar to Orwell’s vision of 1984 that it’s really concerning. What’s worse is that much of this has happened under a Labour controlled government.

So, Margaret Thatcher is slowly forgetting what happened to the country under her rule. I wish I could feel sympathy for her but instead I feel pity for those still living in her legacy, under the shadow of a wrecked the social structure and an economy geared to protecting the rich and punishing the poor.

2 thoughts on “Thatcher's Britain revisited.

  1. Well… I can’t say I have a single ‘happy memory’ of the Iron Lady. Even the pleasure at her being metaphorically stabbed in the back by her cabinet was muted by the ascension to the throne of ‘The Grey Man’ in the shape of John Major.

    I could go on… and do regularly… but nobody listens. 🙂

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