Walking The Dog!

The blog might be updated a little less frequently than usual for the next few days – I’m going walkies!! Well ok, I’m currently in the process of changing ISP’s ands whilst the new techs tell me they will try to have the account set up overnight, they admit it could take up to a … More Walking The Dog!

Smiley Miley

It’s possible some of you might never have heard of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, but I’ll bet there are a lot fewer of you who’ve never heard of his daughter Miley who has been making a name of her own with her alter ego as “Hannah Montana” especially if you have kids around you! Over … More Smiley Miley

Angela vs Wendy

You want a discussion about diaphragms… or Brazilian waxing… or big cars… or plastic surgery…  or… ?? Well now’s your chance. For those of you have listened to me ramble on incessantly about Angela Catterns (and occasionally Wendy Harmer) now is your chance to listen to those honeyed tones and find out why her voice … More Angela vs Wendy

Hope for the future.

If only as a distraction from the turmoil back here on Earth, the news that the Phoenix Mars Lander had made it down to the planets surface in one functioning piece is cause for celebration! Sadly not equipped to roam as previous lander’s, it will nonetheless conduct experiments and send back valuable information – it … More Hope for the future.