And up (grade) we go.

Yes I’ve been quiet and no I’m *still* not 100% right… ignoring those who suggest unkindly that I was never right to begin with. However, things being what they are I sat by the computer and again saw on each of the blogs a request that I update the WordPress blog software installation.

Unfortunately I am utterly terrified of upgrading any software that requires me to manually interfere with the database. As many of you will know I can be utterly cack-handed with some things and I’ve been mortally afraid of destroying the blog entirely. So, apart from the time I let my friend Sue walk me through an upgrade… I’ve ignored them entirely! šŸ™‚

For an entirely different reason, i.e. to find a ‘captcha’ plugin that will allow me to ‘vet’ prospective members, I visited the WordPress site. I didn’t find the plugin I was looking for but *did* find an automatic update plugin. Now the fact I am willing to hand the upgrade of my precious database over to an entirely unknown third party with no real clue how effective the process is shows you just how pathetic I can be,

Still, I persevered.

I downloaded the plugin, and unzipped it to the desktop. The resultant folder was uploaded to the plugin directory on the server and, as normal, activated through the plugins list. Next step was… to tell it to go and do it. Which I did.

There are a few clicks for you to make, partly to confirm you have downloaded your backup files (which you hope you’ll never need) just in case. And that is sadly just aboout it. The entire process was as easy as it could possibly be. In fact the only way it might be easier could be if it did it without any clicking by the user… or if it just upgraded regardless (perhaps not the best of ideas?).

For me this is one of *the* best plugins available and revolutionises the upgrade process for us ham-fisted techophobes. šŸ™‚

Well done Keith… this represents a major step forward for WordPress!!

On a theme… so to speak… I’ve been adding other plugins to make life a little easier. One is Sabre which will help cut out the bot registrations such as those from which make life a pain! Any new registrations will be a chore for people but at least I’ll know they’ll be real people! Another tells me more stats… which I get anyway from the server but it’s all information. And… well there are a couple of other additions useful for me but not to you so I’ll stop rambling… for now.

Anyway, we’re all up to date and a little safer than we were. Now off to see if there is fun stuff I could add.

I might be sick but I’s still having fun! šŸ™‚

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