Walking The Dog!

The blog might be updated a little less frequently than usual for the next few days – I’m going walkies!!

Well ok, I’m currently in the process of changing ISP’s ands whilst the new techs tell me they will try to have the account set up overnight, they admit it could take up to a *week* dependent on the speed at which the existing connection is cancelled at the old exchange by the techs and the new one connected.

It had to be done. The old company only allowed me a 25Gb download limit and they counted in that both downloads *and* uploads. The new one has a total of 100Gb (a mix of 40 Gb on and 60 Gb off peak) with uploads not counted… and for the same price as the old account!! They throw in a VOIP connection as well but I doubt I’d use it.

Sadly the speeds won’t increase, I’ll still be getting a maximum of 4.5Mb/sec and possibly lower throughput, but at least I hopefully won’t be throttled back to 64Kb/sec after only a few days of the month as has happened every month since Xmas!!

Let’s hope I won’t be away for more than a day… but if I am… I apologise.

Either way, I will be back soon enough whinging and complaining, so you don’t get rid of me *that* easily! 😀

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