Mr Technology puts the hammer down!!

I decided over the past few weeks I needed to upgrade the security of my home wireless network because it was on a relatively weak WEP system with a 10 digit password.

For reasons anyone with a little knowledge would accept, I chose the WPA and… to be safe… chose a 40 character alphanumeric password. Wonderful.

I changed the password on the router and of course immediately lost access to the net. Windows Vista being what it is, it wasn’t immediately apparent what to do to reinstate the connection but after 15 minutes or so I worked it out. Again wonderful.

Then I remembered I had to reboot the router and modem to complete the process so off I went to do it.

Disaster. No connection.

Nothing I did made any difference. I rewrote this, disconnected that, chose this option, replaced it with that one… nothing.

I was so depressed with my inability to make such a simple thing function that I took myself off to bed to get some sleep, think it over and recover a little (we’ve had some late nights and early mornings).

When I woke an hour or two later I returned to the computer *determined* to force it to my will. Then I sat and thought about what was really happening and went to check the modem.

Would you believe I’d not switched it back on?? I feel like screaming 😀

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