Angela vs Wendy

You want a discussion about diaphragms… or Brazilian waxing… or big cars… or plastic surgery…  or… ?? Well now’s your chance.

Angela Catterns & Wendy HarmerFor those of you have listened to me ramble on incessantly about Angela Catterns (and occasionally Wendy Harmer) now is your chance to listen to those honeyed tones and find out why her voice is so addictive!

Ange and Wendy have teamed up to produce a 16 part series of Podcasts for the ABC. The series is called “Is it just me?” and the first one has been released today.

Is it good? Well *of course it is* which is why I’m suggesting you go listen to it. It isn’t just for Australian audiences by the way… these are two very successful, very clever and very funny women who have rightly risen to the top of their respective trees

In essence, the Podcasts are Ange and Wendy chatting about anything that takes their fancy from family… to… well anything really. And damn good they are too!

Don’t forget to leave some feedback to let me know how good you thought think they are!!

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