Looking better? I'm not sure meself.

After some consideration I changed the theme to ‘Kepple’ (by Madewira – link below if you like it) which I’ve also used on the ‘Etymology’ blog. Now it’s all very well for *me* to like it but it needs to be ‘liked’ by visitors, so if you have any issues with it… like it *or* hate it… let me know ok?

For starters I think the RSS feeds work on this one now… but I’ll have to check that… but more important I think it’s drop dead gorgeous. I like the clean lines, the ‘texture’, the header, well everything really! 🙂

Yes I know it has one major ‘flaw’ in that the adverts don’t function correctly at the size they did so they’ll need adjusting or removing to make the place look less cluttered (I hate clutter), but apart from that it seems to suit the place, and me.

So until I find another theme that fills me with pleasure each time I look at it, or WordPress updates make this one obsolete… it’ll do. Maybe?

2 thoughts on “Looking better? I'm not sure meself.

  1. Ok, much as *I* liked the ‘experimental’ Kepple theme my father found it hard to read… and so I reverted to ‘Modern Paper’ until he has his eyes fixed in a few weeks.

    I’ll try it again then and perhaps all will become clear to him and he’ll like the new theme as well. In the meantime… we’ll stay as we were 🙂

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