From bad to worse.

The fires are not yet out… the death toll not finalised… and Melbourne suffers another blow as projections of some of the long term issues become clearer. This time the problem is water supply. Rainfall in the catchment area for Melbourne is already at its lowest on record, and the dams are currently only at … More From bad to worse.

The first arrest.

Police have arrested a 39 year old man in connection with the blaze that killed 21 people and wiped out 36,000 hectares of South Gippsland.┬áThe man’s solicitor said his client was “in a fragile state” and needed immediate psychological support. Police consider the cause of fires started at┬áMarysville, Murrindindi, Buxton and Narbethong to be ‘suspicious’. … More The first arrest.

The wheel turns.

The fires in Victoria are still burning though some overnight rain has given the firefighters some chance of finally gaining a measure of control over the course of the twenty-one blazes they are currently dealing with. Currently no more homes are under threat, as far as we’re aware but of course the clean-up has yet … More The wheel turns.

Soul of a Nation

We’re relative newcomers to Australia having only been here 15 years or so, but ‘new’ or not we *feel* Australian, which is really strange when you think just how*huge* this country is. What brought it into perspective was the concern we feel here in Sydney for our fellows down South in Victoria where they are … More Soul of a Nation

And… we're back.

So here we are again after the long summer break raring to go with a load of topics to discuss. Yet what a place to begin. With the possibility of 300 or more people dead in the worst bush-fires Australia has seen hanging over us it’s hard to restart the blog with anything positive. That … More And… we're back.

Australian Child Protection Laws – new guidelines.

New draft guidelines related to Child Protection Laws have been released by the Australia Council in the aftermath of the Bill Henson controversies. and require that anyone taking photographs of children needs to obtain parental permission first. Ok we’ve been pressing for changes to the law but some of the recommendations offered constitute *far* too … More Australian Child Protection Laws – new guidelines.