Potter Potted!

For reasons which seem to have more to do with greed than customer satisfaction Warner Brothers have determined it’s in their best interests to postpone the release of “Half Blood Prince”, the highly anticipated film of the sixth book in the Harry Potter series!

Anyone who would like the film released on its original date might be advised to make their way over to ‘Petitions Spot‘ and make their mark. When I visited to sign up there were already 32,000 signatures on the petition so there’s a groundswell of opinion trying its best to push WB into action. This just echoes the furore erupting all around the internet on forums and blog sites everywhere. There are even moves to flood Warner Brothers with snail mails in an effort to make them realise they are alienating their potential audience!!

The trailer was a real tease… but to *now* tell us that instead of November we’ll have to wait until July was just plain cruel!!

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