So… the Beijing Olympics?

As you will be aware my new ISP did *not* connect me to the net overnight as was promised and in fact kept me waiting almost 8 days before they let me loose on the world. During this time I had a choice of getting on with the housework… or watching the TV. And what is dominating TV coverage lately? The Olympics.

So how is it all going you ask? I did after all complain about the appalling coverage we usually get from our local stations and suggest (not untruthfully at the time) that I was going to ignore it entirely. Well given the choice between housework and the olympics, I buckled and chose the TV.

And for a change I have to admit I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen. Perhaps the TV companies have learned something from the floods of complaints they’ve received through previous sports extravaganzas and made changes. At least so far the coverage has been reasonable. I hesitate to say ‘good’ but let’s say it could have been worse.

We watched the cycling road races, we’ve watched swimming, we’ve watched some equestrian… and the coverage has been ok. Yes they chopped and changed between events and venuses but they did at least concentrate on one event and saw it through to the end.

Of course this is still early days, but so far I’m accepting what we’ve got with good grace. šŸ™‚

Off we go to mens gymnastics. Good stuff.

One thought on “So… the Beijing Olympics?

  1. I love it.

    I can honestly say that watching Rebecca Adlington & Jo Jackson winning Gold and Bronze respectively in the 400m Free brought tears to my eyes – fantastic stuff..!!!

    Well done to both.


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