Smiley Miley

It’s possible some of you might never have heard of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, but I’ll bet there are a lot fewer of you who’ve never heard of his daughter Miley who has been making a name of her own with her alter ego as “Hannah Montana” especially if you have kids around you! Over … More Smiley Miley

Go Christina!!

Our best wishes are sent for a speedy recovery to Christina Applegate, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My memories of her are mostly from her role as the ditzy kid ‘Kelly Bundy’ from Married with Children and this is perhaps her best known role, at least for most males around the globe. Kelly was the … More Go Christina!!

Angela vs Wendy

You want a discussion about diaphragms… or Brazilian waxing… or big cars… or plastic surgery…  or… ?? Well now’s your chance. For those of you have listened to me ramble on incessantly about Angela Catterns (and occasionally Wendy Harmer) now is your chance to listen to those honeyed tones and find out why her voice … More Angela vs Wendy

Angela's Army

Had a nice email from Angela Catterns the other day in response to a ‘welcome back’ message I sent via her website. Today is her final day sitting in for Richard Feidler in his ‘Conversation Hour’ on ABC Local Radio 702 and I was prepared to say ‘bye’ for now. I’d even dug out this … More Angela's Army

Vale Cyd Charisse

Always seeming to be the bearer of bad news, we are sad to report the death of of another one of Hollywood’s greats, Tula Ellice Finklea, far better known as Cyd Charisse (87). Ok perhaps Cyd Charisse wasn’t quite as ‘great’ as some, but she certainly had her moments. One of those ‘moments’, in my … More Vale Cyd Charisse

The Tumbling Tosca

I’m no great lover of opera though I can happily listen to some of the great arias when removed from their pretentious surroundings. This morning on Australian Classic FM, they were playing the final scene of Puccini’s ‘Tosca’. Unfortunately this scene contains nothing I can claim to like listening to either. However they did relate … More The Tumbling Tosca