Tomorrow's Schedule

Tomorrow is set to be ‘interesting’. The youngest is going to an ice-skating lesson at 5:45 a.m. so I’m going to drag both kids over and then ‘make a day of it’ afterwards.

There is an ‘event’ called Wet World which is aimed at 3 – 9 year old kids… but mine want to go see it and will pile in just the same I expect (if they can). And also there’s a Dugong exhibition at Sydney Aquarium which I’d like to see.

If we can combine this with a lunch-time meeting with the wife, the day will be pretty good for me as well. If we collect her to bring her haome as well, I’ll be happy enough.

So – that’s the plan. The reality will, no doubt, be hit by the jinx and chaos that surrounds us but I’ll report back… assuming we survive! 🙂

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