End of the line?

I think I’m finally reaching the ‘end of the line’ as far as actively developing websites. I’ve around 20 sites and domains on the go and sadly none of them particularly fills me with any desire to keep them active. Over the past few weeks I’ve been seriously considering doing something drastic about it, like closing down 90% of them or more. Basically… I’m bored.

Yes in theory I could continue developing’static’ sites ad infinitum because the space I have allows me to make an almost infinite number of sub-domains, but even though, once made, they can continue indefinitely with no further interference from me, I’m still ‘responsible’ for them so in practice I *do* end up looking after them – even if it’s just a 30 minute visit now and then to check the links are all functioning properly. Examples of this sort of site are Talk Tidy, and Hymns and Arias, neither of which require *any* input from me whatever.

Sites I really *should* support with an active presence, apart from this one, include the forums such as Australian Opinion, and Strictly Magic (which is still in its infancy) and I just don’t have any interest any more. Strictly Magic will have to have enough work to get it functioning of course, but I really don’t have any desire now to spend as much time online as I have in the past. There are things I’d rather do… for example write my life story (such as it is) on the netbook, go walking with the camera and record what I see… maybe read books, who knows, just more than sit in front of a computer the entire day.

Of course not all the domains are developed in any way at all. Some have never had *any* sort of website on them! I bought them on the basis that I’d develop *something*… then got bored before the site ever eventuated. Those domains can just be allowed to expire.

I can’t allow all the domains to close of course because some are ‘family’ sites, such as blogs, forum and gallery, which rely on my hosting space for maintaining their web presence, but the rest can pretty much either die off or be passed on to someone else to look after.

Still working out the fine detail, but I’ll be cutting out at least a dozen or more of the active domains and reducing my personal web presence to a minimum. Still, if anyone knows someone who’d like to take over the ODPS or Australian Opinion, let me know and we can discuss the best way to set about it! 😀

3 thoughts on “End of the line?

  1. I’d love to help but unfortunately I’m not sure what end of the spanner controls the electric interweb?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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