Who needs the armchair critics?

I’ve been quietly seething over the armchair critics who are bitching in the media about how *badly* our people are performing at the Olympics because they are *only* coming home with silver or bronze medals instead of gold.What a crock of crap this is!!

Just qualifying for the Olympics makes them heroes in my book. Getting any medals at all in any sport or discipline puts them so far ahead of the rest of us that in sporting terms at least they are beyond criticism!

Every Olympic competitor who takes part has this *one* opportunity to make their mark on the record books and each one wants to be *the* winner. It isn’t a case of one wants it more than another… just that on the day, on the hour… on the minute… *that one* competitor is stronger or better than everyone else.

There’s no shame whatever in coming second… or third… or even last in the field. No matter if you come 100th in the race… you are *still* the hundredth fastest out of a world population numbered in billions.

A case in point was Tamsyn Lewis who yesterday sobbed herself out of the stadium having come last in her 800 metres semi-final. She was so overwrought she was unable to talk coherently to reporters who wanted to know what happened. Later she defended her performance… but in reality she shouldn’t have to! She’d worked hard to get as far as she did and whilst it might have been personally disappointing, just for her to have fought through to the semi-final was an achievement!

Yes… when I see the Green and Gold up on the podium having creamed all opposition, I feel a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye… but I feel a surge of national pride just seeing one of our people taking part in any event!! If they win it’s just a bonus.

Good onya guys… one and all. First or last… we’re proud of you just for being there.

3 thoughts on “Who needs the armchair critics?

  1. I think you’ve completely missed the point of the Olympics and competition. Re Tamsyn Lewis “just for her to have fought through to the semi-final was an achievement!”?!? Huh? You’re applauding her, someone who’s been running for Australia for 14 years, for struggling through rounds?

  2. Eh what?? *I* missed the point… turnabout I think!?!? Athletes turn up to do the best they possibly can… which is what Tamsyn did.

    Every one of them wants to be the best and beat the rest… yet obviously not all of them can be winners. Each of them represents the cream of the athletics crop and if they’ve done their best then we can ask no more of them.

    If I’d been training for 20 years I’d never be able to run as fast as our track and field people.

    Surely, that an athlete has been prepared to put in year after year of hard slog, put their personal life and career on the back burner while they pursue that dream of Olympic glory is enough to make them a hero!?!?!

    Just to be good enough to *be* there representing their country isn’t enough? Is everyone who went and failed to gain a medal a loser?? I think not!!

    What would *you* have them do??

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