Drowning… with a rictus grin!

No doubt *all* of us will be glued to our tv’s later on as the most famous discipline of the entire Olympic schedule begins in earnest.

Yes… Synchronised Swimming will be using the pool vacated by the real swimmers. Oops… did I say ‘real’… of course I meant ‘other’ swimmers.

Yet I still ask myself just what the hell this ludicrous so-called sport is doing in the Olympics? Realistically it has no credible credentials as a sport. Activities such as Aerobics and rock climbing have more right to be there than this lot.

Just *why* do the officials allow this bunch of maniacs lurching through the water grinning like baboons on prozac to pollute our screens and embarrass real athletes?!?!

If any of you out there can defend synchronised swimming and justify its inclusion in the Olympic calendar… please do it.

(and don’t get me started on BMX biking as an Olympic sport… !!!)

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