Australia's Golden Girl's

I had to take my car in for a service today, something I knew from experience was going to take a *long* time. Apart from their speed, the service centre I go to is pretty good with a decent cafe, LCD television, and some comfy chairs, table and lounges. I’d taken my laptop and had set it up to keep myself occupied so I was all set to have a long relaxing wait.

Australias Golden Girls
Australia's Golden Girls

During the day the Olympics occasionally attracted my attention, but it wasn’t until the Women’s 4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay cam on that I was really hooked.

The commentators had hoped the girls, Stephanie Rice, Bronte Barratt, Kylie Palmer and Linda MacKenzie would have a chance at a medal but the qualified very low down the rankings and there were real concerns voiced that Linda MacKenzie might not have the strength to produce the sort of finish the team needed to get into medal contention.

Along with everyone else at the cafe my eyes were glued to the screen as a clear lead was built and when Linda MacKenzie finally hit the water our hearts were in our mouths.

Nobody need have worried.As she pulled herself into the final 50 metres she rallied and not only maintained the lead she’d been given by the others, she was able to extend it finishing to win the gold medal with a speed that took over six seconds off the world record.

The cafe erupted in cheering and clapping as all us blokes congratulated the team of a magnificent effort and a job well done. As with Matt’s comment in a previous post, my eyes really teared up. Made me feel proud to be Australian… even *if* I’m still a blow-in! 😀

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