Death is never good news.

Last week we heard news of a man who was towing a boat in his car and for some reason swerved across three lanes of traffic into water. Onlookers, watched helplessly as the car slowly submerged as the guy frantically and unsuccessfully tried to escape from the car as it filled with water.

A policeman bravely commandeered scuba equipment from a nearby shop and got him out but by then he’d been under water for far too long and despite the best efforts of paramedics he was eventually pronounced dead at hospital. Seems he’d become entangled in the seat belt and his airbag.

The point is that we learned this morning he was the father of a small girl my daughter goes to school with and is one of her best friends. Despite their friendship we’ve not been particularly close to the rest of the family hence only learning about it this morning. Nonetheless it comes as a shock.

We’ve no idea if the school has informed the pupils yet, but we’ll just have to try to explain to my daughter when she gets home and hope for the best.

Regardless of that we sympathise with the family and pass on condolences. We’ll make some quiet enquiries if there’s anything we might be able to do to help, but of course nothing will be of much help in the end.

Life is really tough sometimes.

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