Fording Jeremy Clarkson.

As you can tell from the paucity of posts recently, nothing much of note has happened in ‘the news’ for me to write about. Ok, I’ve had a bad case of flu but that really doesn’t excuse the lack of ‘something to write about’ out there. And what there *is* isn’t worth commenting on because it’s either been done to death… or bores me to tears.

One such was the visit of the Pope to Australia during World Youth Week. Well let’s face it here, this blog has studiously ignored the entire shebang from go to whoa and tried to pretend it never happened. Actually, one little point might be made, and that is that whilst it might have been a wonderful experience for all those religious zealots who danced about hailing the lord and living off the fat of the land as supplied by the taxes of yours truly, and of course for that old man in a white dress and ruby slippers, for the rest of us it was a PITA and so has been all bar ignored… apart from this paragraph!!! Grrr…

Anyway, all I *really* started to write about was an article by Jeremy Clarkson in the Times Online. Ostensibly it was about the Ford Cortina but diverged into the British penchant for ‘camping’ and before I got sidetracked into the usual irrelevancies, what I was going to say was like him or loathe him you can’t claim Jeremy isn’t a funny guy. So, if you have a few minutes free you might the article is worth a read – well it made me laugh anyway..

Yes that *is* all… move along now. 🙂

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