Emailcash doing well.

I’m still doing the ‘emailcash‘ thing and it all seems to be working out ok. For those that don’t know, emailcash is an online ‘rewards’ program specifically for Australians. They have nearly a million members now and it’s still growing.

Basically you buy things online from selected retailers and receive ‘points’ for each dollar you spend. Prices are no higher than anywhere else on the net so you aren’t being ripped off in order to accumulate those points, it’s all just very convenient.

You can buy from the ‘retailers’, or take part in auctions, or take ‘paid’ surveys… or just be part of the community and chat, join forums etc. It’s a fully fledged community in there!

What’s better is that you don’t need to buy anything in order to accumulate points. Just going to the site and clicking on a couple of buttons gives you 5 points a day… no a lot but it *is* free money!

While you wait for your points to accumulate you can ‘deposit’ them in a sort of bank that pays ‘interest’ currently running at 19.5%. Currently I have 25,000 points in the bank (which I’ll leave there earning for 6 months) and 13,000 points outside… and all this is without actually buying very much through the site!

Ok it isn’t a huge amount, but if someone wants to give me hundreds of dollars for doing very little why would I argue?? If anyone in Oz would like a few dollars for not much work click on the banner below or opposite… if not… no worries I’m doing fine. 😀

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