As usual when having a mid-morning cuppa, I was perusing the online version of one of the local rags. In this case it was the Sydney Morning Herald and saw for the first time a section at the bottom right of the page entitled’ Videos’. Nothing much being in the news I went to have a look. You can get to them easily by clicking on this link.

As you’ll see there is a list of ‘topics’ to look at which are, in order, Ask Sam, The Girls Guide, Fashion, Essential Baby, About the House, Health and Fitness, and Sexperts.

Being a bloke the one that attracted my interest first was the last one… Sexperts. So what was on offer?

Surprisingly enough, what was on offer was a lot of highly useful if occasionally uncomfortable information about, of course, sex.

It seems each heading releases a short video each week with useful information. For ‘Sexperts’ this weeks video discussed Sexual Injuries, and very nasty some of them were… no examples, just discussion with a few drawn images (and they were painful enough). Previous weeks available were on Sex Surrogates, Impotency, STD’s, and Genital Piercing.

I ought to point out that none of the stuff I saw is in the least erotic… but it *is* informative so again I’d suggest popping over there and having a look if you’ve a few minutes to spare. You might just learn something. I for example (as I sit here squirming with my legs crossed and eyes watering in sympathy) have learned never to try some of the things that caused injury to the guys!

It was painful enough just hearing about them!  😀

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