Blowing in the wind.

Sitting here this morning by meself. Wife gone to work, kids gone to school and I’m having five minutes before I start work. I usually listen to the radio around this time of day… well it’s on most of the day actually but this morning I’ve been playing some of the music I’ve got on the computer and an odd selection it is too.

Not sure what the rest of you collect but I look at my own small accumulated tracks with some affection since all of them have been sought for individually. I’m not one to load just anything onto the computer on the off chance I might like it at some point so I suppose this eclectic collection must reflect my own personality in some way.

What do I have in this assortment? Well I’ve just finished listening to some early Bob Dylan (The Freewheeling Bob Dylan) and currently have Alanis Morrisisette (Jagged Little Pill), but also in there are that still amazing first ‘Captain Beaky’ collection, Vivaldi (Four Seasons), all I can find of The Beatles, Lord of the Rings (all three film scores), lots of Jethro Tull, some Led Zeppelin, a few Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse (Back to Black), Mozart (Piano Concertos KV 466 and 482) and much. much more.

I’m not sure what this actually reveals about my tastes in music. Obviously I’m still linked emotionally to the ‘greats’ of my youth like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, and of course the Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin. There is in my mind something ‘special’ about the music of that era yet it isn’t just a sentimental attachment since I’m hooked into more recent classics like Jagged Little Pill. Maybe I just like music to have structure… i.e. melody, rhythm and hopefully lyrics that make sense! 🙂

One of the reasons I was never enamoured of the Bee-Gees was because their lyrics are meaningless. Actually they are clever in that they seem to be saying something but when you really listen you find them make no sense whatever!

Getting back to the point, my love of ‘melody’ might account for the appreciation of a lot of ‘real’ classical music but wouldn’t explain why such diverse instruments as the flute and harpsichord are my favourite instruments! Work that out!

So, once Alanis has finished her vitriolic condemnation of everything and everyone in her life to date, I’ll move on to Greenday and maybe follow it up with some Pink Floyd… then round it off with some excerpts of the ‘greats’ via a selection called ‘Classical Music Top 100″. That should keep me going for a few hours!!

Can you *imagine* trying to play all this on those old 78 r.p.m. records??

Ahhhh… the wonders of modern technology eh?? 😀

6 thoughts on “Blowing in the wind.

  1. Saw Alanis Morissette at the Shepherds Bush Empire just after Jagged Little Pill was released and she was absolutely brilliant. One of the ebst concerts we’ve ever been to.

    On the iPod I’m currently listening to lots of Super Furry Animals, bit psychadelic, Alison Goldgrapp, which is very reminiscent of Kate Bush, Zeppelin of course, the Manics, Mattafix who are bit modern urban, oh and some Donald Fagen for good measure!!

  2. Who *is* Alison Goldgrapp?? I’ll dig out something by the others tho and have a listen.

    I played the wall yesterday (the film) which I’ve not seen in yonks. So long in fact I’d entirely forgotten Bob Geldorf starred as ‘Pink’!

    The experience was.. interesting… so much so I’m going to write a short piece on it later.

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