Jinxed? Moi?

At the local Shell garage is a car wash. Now as is well known I’m really not the most energetic of people and some things are just too much effort. This being so, and the car being so big, I tend to take it to the car wash in preference to doing it myself. I’m too old to do that sort of stuff now (I think).

All is straightforward and simple usually. The washer sprays the car with water, then soap, then it scrubs, then rinses, then dries. Easy peasy… except that today, for the third time in as many months, the damn thing has broken down mid-cycle! In other words, on each of the last three occasions I’ve used it… it’s broken down!

I went in to tell them it’d broken down… and asked for a refund… without problem, but I’m a bit loath to go and tell the guys in the garage just how often it has broken down, when I’ve used it, in case they ban me from using it any more!

The jinx lives on!! 😀

Edit: Strange as it may seem, I was just finishing off this message… when all the power went off in the house!! Luckily, WordPress does automatic saves these days or I’d have had to start over! Maybe someone is trying to tell me something… again? 😀

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