More jinx: Car wash (again)

So yet again I turn up at the Garage, hoping to use up one of the two car was vouchers I bought on 6th Feb (see “Jinxed Moi?“).

Both expire tomorrow so needed to be used. I thought let’s use one tonight… then use the other tomorrow. Individual washes really aren’t that good actually so two in short order might well do a better job than one anyway.

I drive up to the touch pad at the entrance, type in my code… guess what?


After a few seconds I thought “Oh no… not again.”, and then drove round to the kiosk where I (again) presented my coupons to the guy at the desk.

He looked at I… I looked at he… and he gave me the money back. πŸ™‚

I’m going to wait a few weeks before I go back and in the meantime go to a different car wash… maybe their electronics won’t be quite as susceptible to my magic aura? πŸ™‚

Just to add to the fun… the browser has decided that in order for me to write this little post, it has, for the first time ever, decided I needed toΒ  be limited to a window three words wide.

Jinx? Don’t talk to me about jinxes!!

Now… I wonder how I fix this?

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