Last Xmas he took it apart…

Last Xmas the daughter and son-in-law (plus kids) were here for a few weeks… not long enough really but that’s another story, but one of Mark’s best features (apart from really being good for the daughter) is how hard he works. Even on holiday it was hard to keep him still! 🙂

Something he did that was exceptionally useful was to repair the Strimmer, or Whipper-Snipper depending on which part of the world you live. Somehow the ‘pull cord’ snapped and he fixed it. The repair was pretty good. In fact it lasted the entire year… until a week or so ago when it finally failed again.

Because he’d done it last year I figured *I’d* have a go – I mean how hard could it be??

Off came the cover, and I discovered that unlike last year, what had happened was that the thing that turns the motor over had slipped off the thing holding the pull-cord (stop me if I’m being too technical ok?? :)).

It looked incredibly easy to fix. All you need to do is lift up the pull-cord thing and reconnect it – yes? Dead simple. So I fixed it…

Well of course, I soon learned it would be dead simple to fix for anyone who wasn’t born with ten thumbs… and a jinx. For those of us not so well blessed what happens is that as you lift it up the spring inside, which you hadn’t noticed, suddenly goes ‘p-twang’, uncoils and goes shooting out of the gubbins in much the same way as a real-world version of a cartoon engine exploding!! There were bits everywhere.

Currently it’s in the repair shop.

While it’s away the grass has taken wild advantage of the situation and the lawns are already beginning to resemble backdrops to Tarzan movies… I’m expecting Johhny Wiesmuller’s ghost to come swinging out any day now.

I don’t think I’ll try to repair anything mechanical again. I’ll leave it to the wife… while I supervise.

4 thoughts on “Last Xmas he took it apart…

  1. Firstly, knowing your history of damaging things while just looking at them, I’m in shock that you even attempted such a thing.

    Secondly, I am amazed that you didn’t just ‘buy a new one’ and keep the old one for 10years (just in case) :-).


    1. You clearly haven’t read the next instalment. I actually *was* able to unearth and *use* and one I had kept for ten years ‘just in case’!!

      So yah boo and sucks to you!! 😀

    1. Well he did *such* a good job it didn’t need fixing… until it did! Still, it only cost $65 to fix… and that included a service so could have been worse.

      Lucky we still had the crappy old electric one in the garage or I’d have been on my hands and knees with scissors… again!!

      Tell Mark I have 100 jobs for him if he fancies catching the bus over?? 😀

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