Bias at the Beeb?

Interesting story on the BBC News site about Cherie Blair who is writing her memoirs. She is refusing to resign as a judge even though there have been comments the memoirs are inappropriate for someone in her position.

That argument is something I’m not really interested in actually, what I found remarkable was the way the photos accompanying the story changed. The first is, in my opinion, somewhat less than flattering.

Cherie Blair with mouth openOk she is the spitting image of her father… but even so it isn’t really the sort of image a judge would usually want to present as a ‘public face’… real or otherwise. It’s possible someone else had the same idea because when I reloaded the page this morning…

Cherie Blair - reflective … up came this one of a *far* more serious and professional person. An image of considered focused intelligence rather than the other which conjures up images of a ranting insane bag lady!

I wonder if someone somewhere had a quiet word with the Beeb and politely asked them to change the photo?

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