Spin Doctors – who wants 'em?

Drove my kids to school today because of the rain, and on the way back listened to the news on the radio. I burst out laughing half way through when the announcer read out one piece related to the Rudd government’s ‘approval rating’.

The gist of the announcement was that the voters were ‘turning their backs’ on the incumbent Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) with his approval rate dropping a massive 4 percentage points… to 66%! The Liberal party ‘surge’ took their current leader to a new high of 17%!!

The sheer cheek of this announcement was what got me laughing. Despite a week of complaints in the press about petrol prices and whining from civil service about having to do some work, this Prime Minister *still* has two thirds of the voters behind him… yet the report is that voters are ‘turning their backs’ on him. This was such a blatant spin that I think whoever wrote it should be cringing in a corner purple faced with embarrassment!

Still, it gave a *me* laugh anyway.

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