A whale of a time.

The baby humpback whale found stranded and motherless in Sydney Harbour, and named Colin… later Colette, was finally ‘euthanased’ in Sydney Harbour yesterday. There’ve been all sorts of stories about her and the way she was/wasn’t aided by government agencies etc and there is now talk of a *summit* of experts to try to establish … More A whale of a time.

Bendi Bindi Back!

The miniscule Wildlife Warrior and merchandising machine known as Bindi Irwin will be ten years old in a few days (July 24th). The development of her fan base in the wake of father Steve’s death has launched her into ‘superstar’ status. In fact, her fame has grown to the extent that the ‘Bindi Irwin’ name … More Bendi Bindi Back!

Save Steve's Place!!!

Please sign the Save Steve’s Place petition and stop the miners wrecking this wildlife preserve!! If we can do it we need to act now… every vote counts. Please send this to all your friends asap!!!

Blue Jay way…

The sister just sent be a picture of a woodpecker sitting on her bird table. Ntp sure if she’s going to upload it to the gallery so I’ve reproduced it here. It’s a little fuzzy because she shot it though a window quickly to catch it before it flew away, but it’s clear what it … More Blue Jay way…

The Bullet Bus

The wife is back riding the Bullet Bus. I’ve mentioned this bus before, because in the absence of a sensible public service these private operators have stepped into the breach and created a service that is both cheap and convenient… surely a first for commuters? 🙂 Yet there is one small quibble. To contact the … More The Bullet Bus