9 thoughts on “Save Steve's Place!!!

  1. Voted for steves place – supposed to have received an e mail confirming that i was genuine – i tried to vote a second time in cse i got the e mail address worong – who said thats likely – and the comp told me “sorry you have voted already” – very good system for checking voting but as i didnt get the email i still dont know whether mny vote was valid or not@

  2. If you *didn’t* receive the email you probably got the address slightly wrong and it wouldn’t have been validated. You needed to have clicked on the link in the email to prove you are who you said you were. 😦

  3. hmmmm

    Similar problem I’m afraid, no email recieved.

    Vote posted at 11.11
    No email recieved 11.22..??

  4. trust vingagechick – we have all failed – is there a future for the male sex other than slavery and sex symbols- i was born 70 years too soon, but then where would you all be _ just a twinkle!

  5. Strangely I finally recieved my confirmation enail from the site (a month late..??).

    However I couldn’t enter my reg as I didn’t live or have never lived in Qeensland..!!

    Sorry… 😦

  6. You only needed to confirm you lived in Queensland… if you lived in Queensland. They have odd laws oop North! πŸ˜€

    The rest of us can just register and the votes count.

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