Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…

So there we were trolling along home in the car. We’d been to pick up the youngest from skating… the coach brought her ‘so far’ and we collected her from the drop-off point.

As we turned into our street we saw a rabbit in the middle of the road. Clearly it was transfixed but the car lights so being ‘environmentally friendly’… we stopped to give it a chance to escape… but it sat there. After a few seconds of non-movement we realised it was actually a *white* rabbit and possibly someone’s pet… which is why it hadn’t run away.

The wife got out to see if she could catch it and maybe find out who its owners were… if it was some child they’d be worried after all. She crept from the car to face the thing and slowly crept closer and closer… it didn’t run.

Concrete Rabbit.Then as I looked… she reached out… and picked it up by the back!! By the back?? Daylight suddenly dawned and I finally realised it wasn’t a little pet white rabbit at all.

It was a one eared garden ornament some loon had left in the middle of the road for fun!!! 🙂

Wouldn’t have been so funny if someone had decided to run the thing over of course… I hate to think what would have happened to the bottom of their car had they hit it.

Still, as it happens nobody hit it and we all had a really good laugh over how daft we’d been thinking this concrete ornament was alive! I nipped out to take a photo before it got away. 🙂

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