Wordweb utility – it's an essential!

This utility is such a ‘must have’ I rarely remember to tell anyone about it! Sounds silly I know but it’s *so* useful, essential even, that I honestly forget that it isn’t a part of the basic operating system!

The thing is called ‘WordWeb‘ and it sits quietly in your taskbar until there is a word you simply *must* know everything about… from spelling to usage! It has two great features – firstly it’s free… secondly it *works*! From writers, through office workers to schoolkids this is the sort of aid you’d expect to be inbuilt to any program that accepts written input. You can even install it onto a usb drive!!

To use it is simplicity itself. Simply highlight a word and click on the icon! Up comes a window similar to the screenshot above (re-sizeable to suit your needs). If you want to change spelling click on the word… else… do whatever.

While you look at the thing… check out the wacky ‘licence conditions‘… !! These people want to save the planet as well!!  😀

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