Fat enough for you?

Hot on the heels of my last post complaining about what a backwater the UK has become, is news of a Disco that has taken on board Homer Simpsons edict of “No Fat Chicks” and run with it barring them from entry to the club!

The manager of the club who it seems is no lightweight himself finally abandoned his attempts to bar people he considered ‘large’ after a furious protest erupted. Still, the point has been made… not only that for women ‘thin’ is the only acceptable body form allowed, but that sexism, mysogeny and the rest has been confirmed as alive and kicking!!

I suppose there are some who would suggest that Jersey isn’t really a part of the UK… especially when it gets this sort of publicity… but hey… I’m sure they have a point, even if it’s only on top of their heads!

Story: BBC News

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